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OIHA pulls in teams from all over Northwest Ohio and is looking to expand throughout the state. New teams should be formed by June 1st with registrations submitted by mid-August. Our team structure is as follows:


  • Each rider may have up to two mounts.
  • $100 per rider fee per season (no additional entry fees).
  • Teams are divided into Divisions. Division 3 teams have 2 to 4 riders. Division 2 teams have 5 to 9 riders. Division 1 teams have 10 or more riders. Each team, based on Division, is allotted a certain number of entry slots in the day’s meet.
  • Teams compete against other teams during three local District meets. Each placing in a class earns points for your team.
  • The top points-earning team in each Division at each District will compete at the State meet, currently held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio. District meets are currently held in September and October with the State meet in early- to mid-October. Each District creates its meet schedule, as long as completed by the State meet.

District 1 Teams:

Chairperson – Lindsey Stevens 419-410-2175

District 2 Teams:

Chairperson – Melissa Coressel 419-304-3182

District 3 Teams:

Chairperson – Paige Weaver 419-680-4240